For girls only


For Girls Only

Finally, a notebook you’re not ashamed to be seen with

TOKYO (majirox news) — Laptop and notebook computers have hardly been a fashion accessory on the catwalk. Typically they are dull boring functional boxes, or dressed up to appeal to the masculine mind — sleek brushed metal, or sensuous Formula 1 styling and finish. But these aren’t what a girl wants to go with her latest Milan-inspired outfit.

At Fujitsu, a brainwave seems to have hit the PC marketing division. In Japan, nearly 50 percent of notebook computers are bought by women. So… Fujitsu decided to produce a range of computers designed for women – by the women working at Fujitsu. Enter the “Floral Kiss” brand, which will be available from November 2.

Following in the footsteps of the bling-decorated cellphones sported by many younger Japanese, the Floral Kiss has a jewelry theme to it. One of the models in the range is designed in collaboration with a jewelry brand and will be displayed in agete’s stores, together with a unique carrying case and mouse/adapter pouch.

Gold trim round the edges of the case and round the keys of the keyboard, gemstones on the power indicator and Caps Lock key, and other little touches extending to the design of the bundled wireless mouse (designed for female hands) and AC adapter define the target market. Little touches such as an easy-open display catch which won’t break long fingernails, and floral motif designs for the air vents, add to the concept.

There’s a lot under the hood, too, It’s not just a pretty face. The stylish case in three color choices: white, pink and brown, hides an Intel i5 processor and 500GB hard disk, with the latest Windows 8 operating system. A bundled scrapbook application allows the owner to document her Web life, with her favorite stores, eating places. A diary keeps her Twitter and Facebook updates in order, and a Horoscope application tells her what is going to happen that day.

It’s more than likely that Fujitsu is the first Japanese maker to spot and develop this trend. We may see a range of sophisticated “fashion” computers emerging, maybe in conjunction with top global brands. Gucci Gigabytes and Prada Processors at some time in the future.

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